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Supported Wrangler commands

You can interact with D1 through Wrangler commands. Refer to the list below for commands that are currently supported.

wrangler d1 create <database-name>Creates a new D1 database and provides the binding and UUID that you will put in your wrangler.toml file.
wrangler d1 listList all D1 databases on your account.
wrangler d1 delete <DATABASE_NAME>Delete a D1 database from your account.
wrangler d1 execute <DATABASE_NAME> --command "<SQL_QUERY>"Execute query on database.
wrangler d1 execute <DATABASE_NAME> --file ./setup.sqlExecute queries within a .sql file.
wrangler d1 backup create <DATABASE_NAME>Initiate a backup.
wrangler d1 backup listList all available backups.
wrangler d1 backup restoreRestore a backup to a new database.
wrangler d1 backup downloadDownload existing data to your local machine.