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Cloudflare D1

Create new serverless SQL databases to query from your Workers and Pages projects.
Available on Free and Paid plans

D1 is Cloudflare’s native serverless database. D1 allows you to build applications that handle large amounts of users at no extra cost. With D1, you can restore your database to any minute within the last 30 days.

Create your first D1 database by following the Get started guide, learn how to import data into a database, and how to interact with your database directly from Workers or Pages.

​​ Features

​​ Create your first D1 database

Create your first D1 database, establish a schema, import data and query D1 directly from an application built with Workers.

​​ SQLite

Execute SQL with SQLite’s SQL compatibility and D1 Client API.

​​ Time Travel

Time Travel is D1’s approach to backups and point-in-time-recovery, and allows you to restore a database to any minute within the last 30 days.

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