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Cloudflare Vectorize

Build full-stack AI applications with Vectorize, Cloudflare’s powerful vector database.
Available on Workers Paid plan

Vectorize is a globally distributed vector database that enables you to build full-stack, AI-powered applications with Cloudflare Workers. Vectorize makes querying embeddings — representations of values or objects like text, images, audio that are designed to be consumed by machine learning models and semantic search algorithms — faster, easier and more affordable.

For example, by storing the embeddings (vectors) generated by a machine learning model, including those built-in to Workers AI or by bringing your own from platforms like OpenAI, you can build applications with powerful search, similarity, recommendation, classification and/or anomaly detection capabilities based on your own data.

The vectors returned can reference images stored in Cloudflare R2, documents in KV, and/or user profiles stored in D1 — enabling you to go from vector search result to concrete object all within the Workers platform, and without standing up additional infrastructure.

​​ Features

​​ Vector database

Learn how to create your first Vectorize database, upload vector embeddings, and query those embeddings from Cloudflare Workers.

​​ Vector embeddings using Workers AI

Learn how to use Vectorize to generate vector embeddings using Workers AI.

​​ More resources