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Start a Workers Sites project from scratch

This guide shows how to quickly start a new Workers Sites project from scratch.

​​ Getting started

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of git and Node.js installed.

  2. In your terminal, clone the worker-sites-template starter repository. The following example creates a project called my-site:

    $ git clone --depth=1 --branch=wrangler2 my-site
  3. Run npm install to install all dependencies.

  4. You can preview your site by running the wrangler dev command:

    $ wrangler dev
  5. Deploy your site to Cloudflare:

    $ npx wrangler deploy

​​ Project layout

The template project contains the following files and directories:

  • public: The static assets for your project. By default it contains an index.html and a favicon.ico.
  • src: The Worker configured for serving your assets. You do not need to edit this but if you want to see how it works or add more functionality to your Worker, you can edit src/index.ts.
  • wrangler.toml: The file containing project configuration. The bucket property tells Wrangler where to find the static assets (e.g. site = { bucket = "./public" }).
  • package.json/package-lock.json: define the required Node.js dependencies.

​​ Customize wrangler.toml:

  • Change the name property to the name of your project:

    name = "my-site"
  • Consider updatingcompatibility_date to today’s date to get access to the most recent Workers features:

    compatibility_date = "yyyy-mm-dd"
  • Deploy your site to a custom domain that you own and have already attached as a Cloudflare zone:

    route = "*"

Learn more about configuring your project.