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Review the definitions for terms used across Cloudflare’s Workers documentation.

Auxiliary WorkerA Worker created locally via the Workers Vitest integration that runs in a separate isolate to the test runner, with a different global scope.
bindingBindings allow your Workers to interact with resources on the Cloudflare Developer Platform.
C3C3 is a command-line tool designed to help you set up and deploy new applications to Cloudflare.
CPU timeCPU time is the amount of time the central processing unit (CPU) actually spends doing work, during a given request.
Cron TriggersCron Triggers allow users to map a cron expression to a Worker using a scheduled() handler that enables Workers to be executed on a schedule.
D1D1 is Cloudflare’s native serverless database.
deploymentDeployments track the version(s) of your Worker that are actively serving traffic.
Durable ObjectsDurable Objects is a globally distributed coordination API with strongly consistent storage.
durationDuration is a measurement of wall-clock time — the total amount of time from the start to end of an invocation of a Worker.
environmentEnvironments allow you to deploy the same Worker application with different configuration for each environment. Only available for use with wrangler.toml.
environment variableEnvironment variables are a type of binding that allow you to attach text strings or JSON values to your Worker.
handlerHandlers are methods on Workers that can receive and process external inputs, and can be invoked from outside your Worker.
isolateIsolates are lightweight contexts that provide your code with variables it can access and a safe environment to be executed within.
KVWorkers KV is Cloudflare’s key-value data storage.
module WorkerRefers to a Worker written in module syntax.
originOrigin generally refers to the web server behind Cloudflare where your application is hosted.
PagesCloudflare Pages is Cloudflare’s product offering for building and deploying full-stack applications.
QueuesQueues integrates with Cloudflare Workers and enables you to build applications that can guarantee delivery.
R2R2 is an S3-compatible distributed object storage designed to eliminate the obstacles of sharing data across clouds.
rollbackRollbacks are a way to deploy an older deployment to the Cloudflare global network.
secretSecrets are a type of binding that allow you to attach encrypted text values to your Worker.
service WorkerRefers to a Worker written in service worker syntax.
subrequestA subrequest is any request that a Worker makes to either Internet resources using the Fetch API or requests to other Cloudflare services like R2, KV, or D1.
Tail WorkerA Tail Worker receives information about the execution of other Workers (known as producer Workers), such as HTTP statuses, data passed to console.log() or uncaught exceptions.
V8Chrome V8 is a JavaScript engine, which means that it executes JavaScript code.
versionA version is defined by the state of code as well as the state of configuration in a Worker’s wrangler.toml file.
wall-clock timeWall-clock time is the total amount of time from the start to end of an invocation of a Worker.
workerdworkerd is a JavaScript / Wasm server runtime based on the same code that powers Cloudflare Workers.
WranglerWrangler is the Cloudflare Developer Platform command-line interface (CLI) that allows you to manage projects, such as Workers, created from the Cloudflare Developer Platform product offering.
wrangler.tomlThe configuration file used to customize the development and deployment setup for a Worker or a Pages Function.