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Cloudflare Queues

Cloudflare Queues allows developers to send and receive messages with guaranteed delivery. It integrates with Cloudflare Workers and offers at-least once delivery, message batching, and does not charge for egress bandwidth.

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Cloudflare Queues enable you to build applications that can:

  • Guarantee delivery: If your application cannot lose data, Queues will guarantee that each message is stored on-disk and processed at-least once.
  • Offload work from a request. If a Worker needs to do more processing, but should not block the entire request – a durable, observable alternative to using waitUntil().
  • Send data from Worker to Worker. You can configure producer and consumer Workers that can send data between each other.
  • Buffer or batch data. If a service has bursty load, you can send that load to a Queue, then process it in predictable batches.