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Deploy button


Deploy buttons let you deploy projects to the Workers platform in under five minutes. The deploy buttons use a Worker to deploy to the platform using the Workers GitHub Action. You can also make your own deploy buttons for your projects to make sharing your work easier.

Try the deploy button below to deploy a GraphQL server:

Deploy to Cloudflare Workers

Visit for additional projects to deploy.

Create a deploy button for your project

  1. Add a GitHub Actions workflow to your project.

Add a new file to .github/workflows, such as .github/workflows/deploy.yml, and create a GitHub workflow for deploying your project. It should include a set of on events, including at least repository_dispatch, but probably push and maybe schedule as well. Add a step for publishing your project using wrangler-action:

name: Buildon:  push:  pull_request:  repository_dispatch:deploy:  runs-on: ubuntu-latest  timeout-minutes: 60  needs: test  steps:    - uses: actions/checkout@v2    - name: Publish      uses: cloudflare/wrangler-action@1.2.0
  1. Add support for CF_API_TOKEN and CF_ACCOUNT_ID in your workflow:
# Update "Publish" step from last code snippet- name: Publish  uses: cloudflare/wrangler-action@1.2.0  with:    apiToken: ${{ secrets.CF_API_TOKEN }}  env:    CF_ACCOUNT_ID: ${{ secrets.CF_ACCOUNT_ID }}
  1. Add the Markdown code for your button to your project's README, replacing the example url parameter with your repository URL.
[![Deploy to Cloudflare Workers](](

Deploy to Cloudflare Workers

Does your project use Workers KV or other features only available in a Workers paid plan? Providing the paid=true query parameter to the /button and the deploy application paths will render a "Deploy to Workers Bundled" button, as seen below -- it will also render a notice in the UI that the project requires Workers Bundled:

[![Deploy to Cloudflare Workers](](

Deploy to Cloudflare Workers