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Cron Triggers


Cron Triggers allow users to map a cron expression to a Worker script using a ScheduledEvent listener that enables Workers to be executed on a schedule. Cron Triggers are ideal for running periodic jobs for maintenance or calling third-party APIs to collect up-to-date data. Workers scheduled by Cron Triggers will run on underutilized machines to make the best use of our capacity and route traffic efficiently.

Adding Cron Triggers

Cron Triggers can be added to scripts with the Cloudflare API or in the dashboard on a Workers Triggers tab up to the per-script limit.


Supported cron expressions

We support all cron expressions, including special characters, that evaluate to the supported time specification below:

  • Intervals (single executions not supported)
  • Minimum interval is 1 minute
  • Maximum interval is 12 months


Here are some common time intervals that may be useful for setting up your Cron Trigger.

  • * * * * *

    • Every minute
  • */30 * * * *

    • Every 30 minutes
  • 0 17 * * sun or 0 17 * * 1

    • 5PM on Sunday
  • 10 7 * * mon-fri or 10 7 * * 2-6

    • 7:10AM on weekdays
  • 0 15 1 * *

    • 3PM on first day of the month

Viewing past events

Users can view the execution history of their Cron Triggers on the Past Events section of the Workers Triggers tab or through Cloudflare's GraphQL Analytics API.


It's important to call out that it can take up to 30 minutes before events are displayed in Past Events when creating a new Worker or changing a Worker's name.

See Metrics and Analytics for more information.