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Configure your Worker project with various features and customizations.

  • Bindings: The various bindings that are available to Cloudflare Workers.
  • Compatibility dates: Opt into a specific version of the Workers runtime for your Workers project.
  • Continuous integration: Optimize your continuous integration and continuous deployment flow with Workers.
  • Cron Triggers: Enable your Worker to be executed on a schedule.
  • Environment variables: Attach text strings and JSON values as environment variables to your Worker.
  • Integrations: Integrate with third-party services and products.
  • Page Rules: Review the interaction between various Page Rules and Workers.
  • Routes and domains: Connect your Worker to an external endpoint (via Routes, Custom Domains or a subdomain) such that it can be accessed by the Internet.
  • Secrets: Store sensitive information, like API keys and auth tokens, in your Worker.
  • Smart Placement (beta): Speed up your Worker application by automatically placing your workloads in an optimal location that minimizes latency.
  • Versions & Deployments: Upload versions of Workers and create deployments to release new versions.
  • Workers Sites: Use Cloudflare Pages for hosting full-stack applications instead of Workers Sites. Do not use Workers Sites for new projects.