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Cloudflare Workers documentation

Cloudflare Workers provides a serverless execution environment that allows you to create entirely new applications or augment existing ones without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.

Cloudflare Workers runs on Cloudflare’s global cloud network in over 200 cities around the world, offering both free and paid plans.

Learn more about how Workers works.

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​​ Installing the Workers CLI

To install wrangler, ensure you have npm installed, preferably using a Node version manager like Volta or nvm. Using a version manager helps avoid permission issues and allows you to easily change Node.js versions. Then run:

$ npm install -g wrangler

or install with yarn:

$ yarn global add wrangler

Read more about installing Wrangler.

​​ Playground

View this Hello World example in the Workers playground:

Module syntax
export default {
async fetch(request) {
return new Response("Hello World!");

Launch playground Learn more

  • How Workers works – Learn how Cloudflare’s global network powers Workers.
  • Pricing – Learn about the Free and Bundled plans.
  • HTMLRewriter – Parse and transform HTML from inside a Worker.
  • Limits – Learn about plan limits (Free plans get 100,000 req/day).
  • Storage options guide - Learn which storage option is best for your project.

​​ Community

Explore third-party packages that work on Workers, submitted by Cloudflare users.

Connect with the Workers community on Discord to ask questions, show off what you are building, and discuss the platform with other developers.

Follow @CloudflareDev on Twitter to learn about product announcements, new tutorials, and what is new in Cloudflare Workers.