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Workers Changelog

​​ 2024-05-03

  • Fixed RPC to/from Durable Objects not honoring the output gate.
  • The internal_stream_byob_return_view compatibility flag can be used to improve the standards compliance of the ReadableStreamBYOBReader implementation when working with BYOB streams provided by the runtime (like in response.body or request.body). The flag ensures that the final read result will always include a value field whose value is set to an empty Uint8Array whose underlying ArrayBuffer is the same memory allocation as the one passed in on the call to read().
  • The Web platform standard reportError(err) global API is now available in workers. The reported error will first be emitted as an ’error’ event on the global scope then reported in both the console output and tail worker exceptions by default.

​​ 2024-04-26

  • Updated v8 to version 12.4.

​​ 2024-04-11

  • Improve Streams API spec compliance by exposing desiredSize and other properties on stream class prototypes
  • The new URL.parse(...) method is implemented. This provides an alternative to the URL constructor that does not throw exceptions on invalid URLs.
  • R2 bindings objects now have a storageClass option. This can be set on object upload to specify the R2 storage class - Standard or Infrequent Access. The property is also returned with object metadata.

​​ 2024-04-05

​​ 2024-04-04

  • There is no longer an explicit limit on the total amount of data which may be uploaded with Cache API put() per request. Other Cache API Limits continue to apply.
  • The Web standard ReadableStream.from() API is now implemented. The API enables creating a ReadableStream from a either a sync or async iterable.

​​ 2024-04-03

​​ 2024-04-02

​​ 2024-04-01

  • The new unwrap_custom_thenables compatibility flag enables workers to accept custom thenables in internal APIs that expect a promise (for instance, the ctx.waitUntil(...) method).
  • TransformStreams created with the TransformStream constructor now have a cancel algorithm that is called when the stream is canceled or aborted. This change is part of the implementation of the WHATWG Streams standard.
  • The nodejs_compat compatibility flag now includes an implementation of the MockTracker API from node:test. This is not an implementation of the full node:test module, and mock timers are currently not included.
  • Exceptions reported to Tail Workers now include a “stack” property containing the exception’s stack trace, if available.

​​ 2024-03-11

  • Built-in APIs that return Promises will now produce stack traces when the Promise rejects. Previously, the rejection error lacked a stack trace.
  • A new compat flag fetcher_no_get_put_delete removes the get(), put(), and delete() methods on service bindings and Durable Object stubs. This will become the default as of compatibility date 2024-03-26. These methods were designed as simple convenience wrappers around fetch(), but were never documented.
  • Updated v8 to version 12.3.

​​ 2024-02-24

​​ 2024-02-23

​​ 2023-12-04

​​ 2023-10-30

  • A new usage model called Workers Standard is available for Workers and Pages Functions pricing. This is now the default usage model for accounts that are first upgraded to the Workers Paid plan. Read the blog post for more information.
  • The usage model set in a script’s wrangler.toml will be ignored after an account has opted-in to Workers Standard pricing. It must be configured through the dashboard (Workers & Pages > Select your Worker > Settings > Usage Model).
  • Workers and Pages Functions on the Standard usage model can set custom CPU limits for their Workers

​​ 2023-10-20

​​ 2023-10-18

  • The limit of 3 Cron Triggers per Worker has been removed. Account-level limits on the total number of Cron Triggers across all Workers still apply.

​​ 2023-10-12

  • A TCP Socket’s WritableStream now ensures the connection has opened before resolving the promise returned by close.

​​ 2023-10-09

​​ 2023-09-14

​​ 2023-07-14

​​ 2023-07-07

  • An implementation of the process.env API from Node.js is now available when using the nodejs_compat compatibility flag.
  • An implementation of the diagnostics_channel API from Node.js is now available when using the nodejs_compat compatibility flag.

​​ 2023-06-22

​​ 2023-06-19

  • The TCP Sockets API now reports clearer errors when a connection cannot be established.
  • Updated V8 to 11.5.

​​ 2023-06-09

​​ 2023-05-26

  • A new Hibernatable WebSockets API (beta) has been added to Durable Objects. The Hibernatable WebSockets API allows a Durable Object that is not currently running an event handler (for example, processing a WebSocket message or alarm) to be removed from memory while keeping its WebSockets connected (“hibernation”). A Durable Object that hibernates will not incur billable Duration (GB-sec) charges.

​​ 2023-05-16

  • The new connect() method allows you to connect to any TCP-speaking services directly from your Workers. To learn more about other protocols supported on the Workers platform, visit the new Protocols documentation.
  • We have added new native database integrations for popular serverless database providers, including Neon, PlanetScale, and Supabase. Native integrations automatically handle the process of creating a connection string and adding it as a Secret to your Worker.
  • You can now also connect directly to databases over TCP from a Worker, starting with PostgreSQL. Support for PostgreSQL is based on the popular pg driver, and allows you to connect to any PostgreSQL instance over TLS from a Worker directly.
  • The R2 Migrator (Super Slurper), which automates the process of migrating from existing object storage providers to R2, is now Generally Available.

​​ 2023-05-15

  • Cursor, an experimental AI assistant, trained to answer questions about Cloudflare’s Developer Platform, is now available to preview! Cursor can answer questions about Workers and the Cloudflare Developer Platform, and is itself built on Workers. You can read more about Cursor in the announcement blog.

​​ 2023-05-12

​​ 2023-05-05

  • The new nodeJsCompatModule type can be used with a Worker bundle to emulate a Node.js environment. Common Node.js globals such as process and Buffer will be present, and require('...') can be used to load Node.js built-ins without the node: specifier prefix.
  • Fixed an issue where websocket connections would be disconnected when updating workers. Now, only websockets connected to Durable Object instances are disconnected by updates to that Durable Object’s code.

​​ 2023-04-28

  • The Web Crypto API now supports curves Ed25519 and X25519 defined in the Secure Curves specification.
  • The global connect method has been moved to a cloudflare:sockets module.

​​ 2023-04-14

  • No externally-visible changes this week.

​​ 2023-04-10

  • URL.canParse(...) is a new standard API for testing that an input string can be parsed successfully as a URL without the additional cost of creating and throwing an error.
  • The Workers-specific IdentityTransformStream and FixedLengthStream classes now support specifying a highWaterMark for the writable-side that is used for backpressure signaling using the standard writer.desiredSize/writer.ready mechanisms.

​​ 2023-03-24

  • Fixed a bug in Wrangler tail and live logs on the dashboard that prevented the Administrator Read-Only and Workers Tail Read roles from successfully tailing Workers.

​​ 2023-03-09

  • No externally-visible changes.

​​ 2023-03-06

  • Workers Logpush now supports 300 characters per log line. This is an increase from the previous limit of 150 characters per line.

​​ 2023-02-06

  • Fixed a bug where transferring large request bodies to a Durable Object was unexpectedly slow.
  • Previously, an error would be thrown when trying to access unimplemented standard Request and Response properties. Now those will be left as undefined.

​​ 2023-01-31

  • The object now includes two additional properties, tlsClientHelloLength and tlsClientRandom.

​​ 2023-01-13

  • Durable Objects can now use jurisdictions with idFromName via a new subnamespace API.
  • V8 updated to 10.9.