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System environment variables

System environment variables are local environment variables that can change Wrangler’s behavior. There are three ways to set system environment variables:

  1. Create an .env file in your project directory. Set the values of your environment variables in your .env file. This is the recommended way to set these variables, as it persists the values between Wrangler sessions.

  2. Inline the values in your Wrangler command. For example, WRANGLER_LOG="debug" npx wrangler deploy will set the value of WRANGLER_LOG to "debug" for this execution of the command.

  3. Set the values in your shell environment. For example, if you are using Z shell, adding export CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN=... to your ~/.zshrc file will set this token as part of your shell configuration.

​​ Supported environment variables

Wrangler supports the following environment variables:

  • CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID string optional

  • CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN string optional

    • The API token for your Cloudflare account, can be used for authentication for situations like CI/CD, and other automation.
  • CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY string optional

    • The API key for your Cloudflare account, usually used for older authentication method with CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL=.
  • CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL string optional

    • The email address associated with your Cloudflare account, usually used for older authentication method with CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY=.
  • WRANGLER_SEND_METRICS string optional

    • Options for this are true and false, the default behavior is false.

    • The local connection string for your database to use in local development with Hyperdrive. For example, if the binding for your Hyperdrive is named PROD_DB, this would be WRANGLER_HYPERDRIVE_LOCAL_CONNECTION_STRING_PROD_DB="postgres://user:[email protected]:5432/testdb". Each Hyperdrive is uniquely distinguished by the binding name.
  • CLOUDFLARE_API_BASE_URL string optional

    • The default value is "".
  • WRANGLER_LOG string optional

    • Options for Logging levels are "none", "error", "warn", "info", "log" and "debug". Levels are case-insensitive and default to "log". If an invalid level is specified, Wrangler will fallback to the default.

​​ Example .env file

The following is an example .env file:


​​ Deprecated global variables

The following variables are deprecated. Use the new variables listed above to prevent any issues or unwanted messaging.