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Deploy button

​​ Background

Deploy buttons let you deploy applications to Cloudflare’s global network in under five minutes. The deploy buttons use Wrangler to deploy a Worker using the Wrangler GitHub Action. You can deploy an application from a set of ready-made Cloudflare templates, or make deploy buttons for your own applications to make sharing your work easier.

Try the deploy button below to deploy a GraphQL server:

Select Deploy with Workers to deploy a GraphQL server

Refer to for additional projects to deploy.

​​ Create a deploy button for your project

  1. Add a GitHub Actions workflow to your project.

Add a new file to .github/workflows, such as .github/workflows/deploy.yml, and create a GitHub workflow for deploying your project. It should include a set of on events, including at least repository_dispatch, but probably push and maybe schedule as well. Add a step for publishing your project using wrangler-action:

name: Deploy Worker
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
timeout-minutes: 60
needs: test
- uses: actions/checkout@v2
- name: Build & Deploy Worker
uses: cloudflare/wrangler-action@v3
apiToken: ${{ secrets.CF_API_TOKEN }}
accountId: ${{ secrets.CF_ACCOUNT_ID }}
  1. Add the Markdown code for your button to your project’s README, replacing the example url parameter with your repository URL.
[![Deploy to Cloudflare Workers](](
  1. With your button configured, anyone can use the Deploy with Workers button in your repository README, and deploy their own copy of your application to Cloudflare’s global network.