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Add static assets to an existing Workers project

Workers Sites require Wrangler — make sure to use the latest version.

If you have a pre-existing Worker project, you can use Workers Sites to serve static assets to the Worker.

​​ Getting started

  1. Create a directory that will contain the assets in the root of your project (for example, ./public)

  2. Add configuration to your wrangler.toml file to point to it.

    bucket = "./public" # Add the directory with your static assets!
  3. Install the @cloudflare/kv-asset-handler package in your project:

    $ npm i -D @cloudflare/kv-asset-handler
  4. Import the getAssetFromKV() function into your Worker script and use it to respond with static assets.

    import { getAssetFromKV } from "@cloudflare/kv-asset-handler";
    addEventListener("fetch", (event) => {
    async function handleEvent(event) {
    try {
    // Add logic to decide whether to serve an asset or run your original Worker code
    return await getAssetFromKV(event);
    } catch (e) {
    let pathname = new URL(event.request.url).pathname;
    return new Response(`"${pathname}" not found`, {
    status: 404,
    statusText: "not found",

    For more information on the configurable options of getAssetFromKV() refer to kv-asset-handler docs.

  5. Run wrangler dev or wrangler publish as you would normally with your Worker project. Wrangler will automatically upload the assets found in the configured directory.

    $ wrangler publish