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Start from scratch

To start from scratch to create a Workers Site, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of Wrangler and Node.js installed.

  2. In your terminal run wrangler generate --site <project-name>, replacing <project-name> with the name of your project. For example, I’ll create a project called my-site by running this command:

    $ wrangler generate --site my-site

    This command creates the following:

    • public: The static assets for your project. By default it contains an index.html and a favicon.ico.
    • workers-site: The JavaScript for serving your assets. You don’t need to edit this- but if you want to see how it works or add more functionality to your Worker, you can edit workers-site/index.js.
    • wrangler.toml: Your configuration file. You’ll configure your account and project information here.
  3. Add your account_id your wrangler.toml. You can find your account_id on the right sidebar of the Workers or Overview Dashboard. Note: You may need to scroll down! For more details on finding your account_id visit Getting started.

  4. You can preview your site by running:

    $ wrangler preview --watch
  5. Decide where you’d like to publish your site to: a subdomain or your personal domain registered with Cloudflare.

    Then, update your wrangler.toml:

    Personal Domain: Add your zone_id and a route.

    zone_id = "42ef.."route = "*" Set workers_dev to true. This is the default.

    Learn more about configuring your project.

  6. Run:

    $ wrangler publish