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Workers Sites

Workers Sites enables developers to deploy static applications directly to Workers.

It’s perfect for deploying applications built with static site generators like Hugo and Gatsby, or frontend frameworks like Vue and React.

To deploy with Workers Sites, select from one of these three routes depending on the state of your target project:

1. Deploy an existing static site

If you have an existing project or static assets that you want to deploy with Workers, this quick start guide will help you add Wrangler and configure Workers Sites for your project.

Start from existing

2. Start from scratch

If you’re ready to start a brand new project, starting from scratch with Workers Sites will set up the infrastructure to deploy a simple HTML website to Workers.

Start from scratch

3. Add static assets to an existing Workers project

If you already have an application deployed to Workers, this guide will show you how to use Workers Sites in your existing codebase, allowing you to deploy your entire application as a single Workers project.

Start from a worker