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Using timingSafeEqual

Protect against timing attacks by safely comparing values using `timingSafeEqual`.

To avoid timing attacks in your code, you can replace equality checks with the crypto.timingSafeEqual function in your Workers application.

To use this function, create a new TextEncoder and encode the string values to instances of ArrayBuffer using encoder.encode. This is needed because crypto.subtle.timingSafeEqual compares ArrayBuffer instances, not strings. With the encoded values, replace the standard JavaScript equality check (===) with crypto.subtle.timingSafeEqual. Note that the strings must be the same length in order to compare to timingSafeEqual. The below code shows how to implement string equality checks with crypto.subtle.timingSafeEqual. Note that the example shown would apply to TypeScript and JavaScript:

const encoder = new TextEncoder();
const username = "foo";
const password = "bar";
if (username.length !== password.length) {
// Minimise the possibility of a timing attack via how long encoding takes on the strings
const a = encoder.encode(username)
const b = encoder.encode(password)
if (a.byteLength !== b.byteLength) {
// Strings must be the same length in order to compare
// with crypto.subtle.timingSafeEqual
return false
// The below code is vulnerable to timing attacks
// if (string1 === string2) { ... }
// You can replace it with `crypto.subtle.timingSafeEqual` by encoding the values
// you need to compare
let isEqual = crypto.subtle.timingSafeEqual(a,b)
if (isEqual) {
// The values are equal
} else {
// The values are not equal