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Bulk redirects

Redirect requests to certain URLs based on a mapped object to the request's URL.

const externalHostname = ""
const redirectMap = new Map([  ["/bulk1", "https://" + externalHostname + "/redirect2"],  ["/bulk2", "https://" + externalHostname + "/redirect3"],  ["/bulk3", "https://" + externalHostname + "/redirect4"],  ["/bulk4", ""],])
async function handleRequest(request) {  const requestURL = new URL(request.url)  const path = requestURL.pathname.split("/redirect")[1]  const location = redirectMap.get(path)  if (location) {    return Response.redirect(location, 301)  }  // If request not in map, return the original request  return fetch(request)}
addEventListener("fetch", async event => {  event.respondWith(handleRequest(event.request))})