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A/B testing

Set up an A/B test by controlling what response is served based on cookies.

function handleRequest(request) {  const NAME = "experiment-0"
  // The Responses below are placeholders. You can set up a custom path for each test (e.g. /control/somepath ).  const TEST_RESPONSE = new Response("Test group") // e.g. await fetch("/test/sompath", request)  const CONTROL_RESPONSE = new Response("Control group") // e.g. await fetch("/control/sompath", request)
  // Determine which group this requester is in.  const cookie = request.headers.get("cookie")  if (cookie && cookie.includes(`${NAME}=control`)) {    return CONTROL_RESPONSE  }  else if (cookie && cookie.includes(`${NAME}=test`)) {    return TEST_RESPONSE  }  else {    // If there is no cookie, this is a new client. Choose a group and set the cookie.    const group = Math.random() < 0.5 ? "test" : "control" // 50/50 split    const response = group === "control" ? CONTROL_RESPONSE : TEST_RESPONSE    response.headers.append("Set-Cookie", `${NAME}=${group}; path=/`)
    return response  }}
addEventListener("fetch", event => {  event.respondWith(handleRequest(event.request))})