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Workers is a polyglot platform. You can likely write code on Workers with a language you already know. We originally built Workers to execute JavaScript and WebAssembly, and over time we’ve added support for new languages. We are excited to support and deepen integrations with popular languages like Python for Workers.

JavaScript / TypeScript

JavaScript is fully supported on the Workers platform. We recommend using JavaScript. You can also use TypeScript on the platform and can find relevant type definitions on GitHub.

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WebAssembly — abbreviated “Wasm” — is a technology that extends the web platform to support compiled languages like C, C++, Rust, and more. Since these languages can be compiled to a special Wasm binary format and then loaded in a browser, you can use them on the Workers platform. Learn more by checking out the example projects.

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Compiled to JavaScript

You can also implement Workers with any language that can compile to JavaScript, including the languages below. Learn more by checking out the example projects.

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