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​​ Background

Workers is a polyglot platform. You can write Workers with a language you likely already know. Cloudflare built Workers to execute JavaScript and WebAssembly and has continuously added support for new languages.

​​ JavaScript / TypeScript

The Workers platform fully supports JavaScript. Cloudflare recommends using JavaScript and TypeScript. Find up-to-date type definitions on GitHub and npm.

​​ Resources on JavaScript / Typescript

​​ Wasm-supported

WebAssembly — abbreviated Wasm — is a binary format that many languages target during their compilation. This allows developers to write Workers using languages like C, C++, Rust, and more.

​​ Resources on WebAssembly

​​ Compiled to JavaScript

You can write Workers with any language that can compile to JavaScript, including the languages below.

Refer to the Cloudflare Workers announces broad language support blog post for more information.