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Fetch JSON

Send a GET request and read in JSON from the response. Use to fetch external data.

/** * Example someHost is set up to take in a JSON request * Replace url with the host you wish to send requests to * @param {string} someHost the host to send the request to * @param {string} url the URL to send the request to */const someHost = ""const url = someHost + "/static/json"/** * gatherResponse awaits and returns a response body as a string. * Use await gatherResponse(..) in an async function to get the response body * @param {Response} response */async function gatherResponse(response) {  const { headers } = response  const contentType = headers.get("content-type") || ""  if (contentType.includes("application/json")) {    return JSON.stringify(await response.json())  }  else if (contentType.includes("application/text")) {    return await response.text()  }  else if (contentType.includes("text/html")) {    return await response.text()  }  else {    return await response.text()  }}
async function handleRequest() {  const init = {    headers: {      "content-type": "application/json;charset=UTF-8",    },  }  const response = await fetch(url, init)  const results = await gatherResponse(response)  return new Response(results, init)}
addEventListener("fetch", event => {  return event.respondWith(handleRequest())})