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Debugging logs

Send debugging information in an errored response to a logging service.

// Service configured to receive logs
const LOG_URL = "";
function postLog(data) {
return fetch(LOG_URL, {
method: "POST",
body: data,
async function handleRequest(request, ctx) {
let response;
try {
response = await fetch(request);
if (!response.ok) {
// Ensure the string is small enough to be a header
const body = (await response.text()).trim().substring(0, 10);
throw new Error(
`Bad response at origin. Status: ${response.status} Body: ${body}`
} catch (err) {
err = err;
// Without ctx.waitUntil(), our fetch() to our logging service may
// or may not complete.
const stack = JSON.stringify(err.stack) || err;
// Copy the response and initialize body to the stack trace
response = new Response(stack, response);
// Shove our rewritten URL into a header to find out what it was.
response.headers.set("X-Debug-stack", stack);
response.headers.set("X-Debug-err", err);
return response;
export default {
fetch(request, ctx) {
return handleRequest(request, ctx);