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Wrangler, the Cloudflare Developer Platform command-line interface (CLI), allows you to manage Worker projects.

  • Install/Update Wrangler: Get started by installing Wrangler, and update to newer versions by following this guide.
  • API: A set of programmatic APIs that can be integrated with local Cloudflare Workers-related workflows.
  • Bundling: Review Wrangler's default bundling.
  • Commands: Create, develop, and deploy your Cloudflare Workers with Wrangler commands.
  • Configuration: Use a wrangler.toml configuration file to customize the development and deployment setup for your Worker project and other Developer Platform products.
  • Custom builds: Customize how your code is compiled, before being processed by Wrangler.
  • Deprecations: The differences between Wrangler versions, specifically deprecations and breaking changes.
  • Environments: Deploy the same Worker application with different configuration for each environment.
  • Migrations: Review migration guides for specific versions of Wrangler.
  • Run in CI/CD: Deploy your Workers within a CI/CD environment.
  • System environment variables: Local environment variables that can change Wrangler's behavior.