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Object Specification

  • name: a JavaScript variable name for the binding
  • type: the class of resource the binding provides (currently wasm_module, kv_namespace, secret_text, plain_text, or text_blob)

Upload Bindings

Resource bindings must be uploaded alongside your other Worker assets via the upload scripts endpoint.

List Bindings

GET accounts/:account_identifier/workers/scripts/:script_name/bindings

Sample Request:
curl -X GET "$CF_ACCOUNT_ID/workers/scripts/$SCRIPT_NAME/bindings" \
     -H "X-Auth-Email: $CF_EMAIL_ADDRESS" \
     -H "X-Auth-Key: $CF_API_KEY"
Sample Response:
  "success": true,
  "errors": [],
  "messages": [],
  "result": [
      "name": "myBinding",
      "type": "wasm_module"
      "name": "__STATIC_CONTENT",
      "namespace_id": "2a88a930ebc145aaf48da80926a26d28",
      "type": "kv_namespace"
      "name": "__STATIC_CONTENT_MANIFEST",
      "type": "text_blob"


URL Parameters

Find Your Auth Info

This endpoint does not yet support token-based authentication, so you will need to provide your account Email address and Global API Key.

  • X-Auth-Email
  • X-Auth-Key
Payload n/a


Body (JSON)
  • success: Boolean
  • result: An array of Binding Objects. Empty if success is false
  • errors: An array of Error Objects. Empty if success is true
  • messages: An array of strings (unused)
Missing Account/Zone Identifier
status: 404
error: {
    code: 10005,
    message: "workers.api.error.not_found"
Missing Script Name
status: 404
error: {
    code: 10005,
    message: "workers.api.error.missing_script_name"
Internal Error
status: 500
error: {
    code: 10013,
    message: "workers.api.error.unknown"