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Usage notifications

Cloudflare provides two kinds of usage notifications: Workers Weekly Summary and Workers Usage Report. These reports are automatically enabled when you create a new free account with Workers.

​​ Workers Weekly Summary

Workers Weekly Summary provides a breakdown of your overall Workers usage for your most popular Workers.

Workers Weekly Summary showing a summary of Worker activity metrics for the week

​​ Workers Usage Report

Workers Usage Report is an on-demand usage notification that is triggered when a Worker’s CPU usage is 25% above its average CPU usage over the previous seven days.

Workers Usage Report showing a summary of activity metrics for Workers with above average CPU time

​​ Turn usage notifications on and off

Turn usage notifications on or off:

  1. Go to Account Home > Notifications.
  2. Select Add and scroll down to Workers to find Workers Usage Report and Workers Weekly Summary.
  3. After you enable notifications and add recipients, edit or turn off notifications by returning to Notifications.