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This version of the Cloudflare Workers documentation is deprecated. Visit the new documentation


JavaScript / ECMAScript

Cloudflare Workers uses the V8 JavaScript engine from Google Chrome. The Workers runtime is updated at least once a week, to at least the version that is currently used by Chrome's stable release. This means you can safely use latest JavaScript features, with no need for "transpilers".

Standard APIs

This is a summary of the JavaScript APIs available to Cloudflare Worker scripts, and links to their documentation on MDN. Cloudflare currently implements a subset of these APIs, as shown on this table. We are adding support for more APIs all the time -- let us know if we're missing one you need.

ECMAScript BuiltinsEverything supported by current Google Chrome stable release.
[WebAssembly]({{< ref "/tooling/api/bindings" >}})
eval() and new Function() are disallowed for security reasons. returns the time of last I/O; it does not advance during code execution.
Service Worker API"fetch" event
[Cache API]({{< ref "archive/reference/" >}})no-playground
Web Global APIsBase64 utility methods
Encoding APIUTF-8
URL APIhttp://, https:// schemes
Fetch APIrequest-ctxfetch(), Headers, Request, and Response classes
(some features inapplicable to the edge, such as CORS-related properties, are not implemented)
Streams APIrequest-ctxReadableStream/WritableStream classes (except constructors)
TransformStream (zero-argument constructor)
Web Crypto APICryptographically-secure random number generationrequest-ctx
Digest (SHA family, MD5)
Sign and verify (HMAC (with SHA family, MD5), RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5, ECDSA)
Encrypt and decrypt (AES-GCM, AES-CBC)
Key derivation (PBKDF2)
Key generation (AES-GCM, HMAC)
Raw key import/export for all of the above algorithms

addEventListener("fetch", event => { event.respondWith(fetch("")) // OK })

    This code snippet **will throw** during script startup, and the `"fetch"` event
    listener will never be registered.

[^no-playground]: Some APIs are only available in production, and not in the *playground*.
    The playgrounds are the Workers instances which power and the
    Workers editor UI on They do not currently provide Cloudflare features
    other than Workers.

export const _frontmatter = {"title":"Reference","alwaysopen":false,"weight":70}

  1. Some APIs are only available inside a request context. A request context is active during a "fetch" event callback, and, if you pass a Response promise to FetchEvent.respondWith(), any asynchronous tasks which run before the Response promise has settled. Any attempt to use such APIs during script startup will throw an exception.

    For example:

    const promise = fetch("")       // ERROR