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This version of the Cloudflare Workers documentation is deprecated. Visit the new documentation

Delivering Custom Responses

With VCL:

VCL does not allow you to define custom responses in the code itself. You will have to upload the response via your CDN provider, and reference it in the code block by creating a condition:

  # Request Condition: block bots Prio: 10
  if ( client.geo.country_code == "UK" ) {
    # ResponseObject: no cats for you
    error 900 "CDN Internal";
  #end condition

With Workers:

Workers allow you to fully customize the responses that are sent to the client. You may find more examples of how to create responses that never hit your origin here.

Example of returning a blocked response based on country (with the response itself in the Worker!):

// is only available in production and will be undefined in the playground.
if (( || {}).country == "UK") {
  return new Response("<html>No cats for you!</html>", {
    headers: { "Content-Type": "text/html" },
    status: 403,
    statusText: "Forbidden"

Actions based on URL attributes:

First, we'll create a URL object to allow us to parse attributes more easily

let url = new URL(request.url)

Once the URL has been created, you can parse out hostnames, paths and query string. Blocking certain hosts:

if (url.hostname == '')

Blocking based on a predefined blacklist of hosts:

let forbidden = new Set([

if (forbidden.has(url.hostname)) {
  // ...

Action based on file extension

let forbiddenExt = ["doc", "xml"];
let forbiddenExtRegExp = new RegExp(`\\.(${forbiddenExt.join("|")})$`); // /\.(doc|xml)$/
if (forbiddenExtRegExp.test(url.pathname)) {
  // Do some action here

Action based on method:

if (request.method == 'POST')

Action based on User Agent:

let userAgent = request.headers.get('User-Agent') || ''
if (userAgent.includes('bot')) {
  // ...

Action based on IP:

if (request.headers.get('CF-Connecting-IP'))

Action based on ASN:

// is only available in production and will be undefined in the playground.
if (( || {}).asn == 64512)