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This version of the Cloudflare Workers documentation is deprecated. Visit the new documentation

Country Blocking

You can use Cloudflare Workers to determine an end user's country and block them from accessing your content.

A full list of country codes can be found here.

addEventListener('fetch', event => {

//Add countries to this Set to block them
const countries = new Set([  
  "US", // United States
  "SG", // Singapore 
  "BR"  // Brazil

async function blockCountries(request) {
  // Get country value from request headers
  let country = request.headers.get('cf-ipcountry')

  // Find out if country is on the block list
  let countryBlocked = countries.has(country)

  // If it's on the blocked list, give back a 403
  if (countryBlocked){
    return new Response("This page not available in your country",
        { status: 403, statusText: "Forbidden" })

  // Catch-all return of the original response
  return await fetch(request)