GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions allow you to run arbitrary commands in reaction to GitHub events.

Cloudflare’s official action will auto-deploy a Worker for you in reaction to a GitHub event (i.e. ‘push to master’).

Additional Documentation

Our blog post describes the underpinning of the Action itself and gives a high level configuration overview.

Check out the REAMDE for a more in depth explanation of how to configure the Action.

Find us on the GitHub Marketplace to get started!

Quick Overview of GitHub Actions

The output of an Action configuration will result in a main.workflow file, which is used by GitHub to run your Actions. It is added to the .github directory GitHub adds to your repo when you configure Actions. This file could look like:

workflow "Deploy Worker" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["Deploy Worker"]

action "Deploy Worker" {
  uses = "cloudflare/serverless-action@master"
  env = {
    CLOUDFLARE_SCRIPT_NAME = "hello-world"
  secrets = ["CLOUDFLARE_AUTH_KEY"]

Environmental variables can be edited directly in the main.workflow file, or passed to the Action through the GUI GitHub makes available.

Step By Step Guide

Right now GitHub Actions are in Beta, and can only be enabled on a private repository. If Actions are enabled on your account, in a private repo, you will see an extra tab available called Actions. Go ahead and click on this.

GitHub Action Step 1

On the next screen, click on the Create a new workflow button in the top left. This will open the config panel on the right hand side which says Choose Action.

Search for cloudflare/serverless-action@master in the uses search box and click use.

GitHub Action Step 2

Next, the config panel will populate with the Action name, ‘GitHub Action for Cloudflare Workers’.

GitHub Action Step 3

Scroll down in this panel and you’ll have the opportunity to add both secrets and ENV variables. You will need to add a number of ENVvariables including:


And one secret the CLOUDFLARE_AUTH_KEY, which is your global API key. When you’ve completed the set up it should look like:

GitHub Action Step 4

Here is a link to a support article on how to get your API key. You can pull the account/zone information either from the Overview tab in the UI, or from our API.

From there simply commit the change to your main.workflow file. In the top right.

GitHub Action Step 5

And you should be all set. Check out the README for more info!