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The Request Context

What is the Request context?

Request context is the context of the "fetch" event callback. It is important to note that due to how workers are executed, asynchronous tasks (e.g. fetch ) can only be run inside the request context.

During a Fetch Event callback:

addEventListener('fetch', event => {
  // the request context is available here

When is the Request context active?

When passing a promise to FetchEvent.respondWith()

If you pass a Response promise to FetchEvent.respondWith(), the request context is active during any asynchronous tasks which run before the Response promise has settled. You can pass the event to an async handler, for example:

addEventListener('fetch', event => {
// no request context here
async function eventHandler(event){
  // request context is available here
  return new Response('Hello, Workers!')

What happens when attempting to access an inactive Request context?

Any attempt to use APIs such as fetch() or access Request context during script startup will throw an exception:

const promise = fetch('') // ERROR
async function eventHandler(event){..}

This code snippet will throw during script startup, and the "fetch" event listener will never be registered.