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Browser Isolation supports running native Chromium Web Extensions in the remote browser.

This capability allows extending tools that require DOM access (such as password managers and ad-blockers) to isolated pages.

Install an extension inside the remote browser

Prerequisite: Isolate Chrome Web Store

Installing extensions requires that the Chrome Web Store is isolated, first create an HTTP policy that isolates the Chrome Webstore (

Install an extension

Remote browser extensions are automatically reinstalled across isolated sessions.

Removing extensions from the remote browser

Extensions may be uninstalled within the remote browser from any isolated page.

  • Navigate to any isolated webpage.
  • Right click to open the context menu and select "Show isolation toolbar"
  • Within the isolation toolbar on the bottom of the page, select the Jigsaw icon to open the extension manager.
  • Select the hamburger icon for the desired extension to open the extension controls.
  • Choose "Remove from Chromium..."
  • Select "Remove" to confirm extension uninstallation.