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Zero Trust WARP Client Changelog

​​ 2024-05-10

​​ Cloudflare One Agent for Android (version 1.7)

A new GA release for the Android Cloudflare One Agent is now available in the Google Play Store. This release fixes an issue where the user was not prompted to select the client certificate in the browser during Access registration.

​​ 2024-05-09

​​ Crowdstrike posture checks for online status

Two new Crowdstrike attributes, Last Seen and State, are now available to be used as selectors in the Crowdstrike service provider integration.

​​ 2024-05-08

​​ WARP client for macOS (version 2024.3.444.0)

A new GA release for the macOS WARP client is now available in the App Center. This releases fixes an issue with how the WARP client sets macOS firewall rules and addresses the TunnelVision ( CVE-2024-3661) vulnerability.