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Posture logs

Posture logs show the device posture check results reported by the WARP client.

To view device posture logs, log in to Zero Trust and go to Logs > Posture. Logs will only display if you have configured device posture checks for your Zero Trust organization.

Enterprise users can generate more detailed logs with Logpush.

​​ Explanation of the fields

​​ Device details

NameName of the device.
Serial numberSerial number of the device.
ManufacturerManufacturer of the device.
ModelModel of the device.

​​ User details

EmailEmail used to register the device with Zero Trust.
User IDUUID of the user who registered the device.

​​ Posture details

NameName of the device posture check.
TypeType of WARP client check or service provider check.
Rule IDUUID of the device posture check.
Conditions metWhether the device passed or failed the posture check criteria. Evaluates to true if the Received values match the Expected values.
Expected valuesValues required to pass the device posture check.
Received valuesPosture check values detected by the WARP client.