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Browser Isolation supports running native Chromium Web Extensions in the remote browser.

This capability allows extending tools that require DOM access (such as password managers and ad blockers) to isolated pages.

​​ Install an extension inside the remote browser

​​ Prerequisite: Isolate Chrome Web Store

Installing extensions requires Chrome Web Store isolation. Create an HTTP policy to isolate the Chrome Web Store (

​​ Install an extension

  1. Go to while isolated.
  2. Choose your desired extension.
  3. Select Add to Chrome. To confirm extension installation, select Add extension.

Remote browser extensions are automatically reinstalled across isolated sessions.

​​ Remove an extension from the remote browser

  1. Go to any isolated webpage.
  2. Right-click anywhere to open the context menu and select Show isolation toolbar.
  3. Select the jigsaw icon in the isolation toolbar to open the extension manager.
  4. Select the hamburger icon for the desired extension to open the extension controls.
  5. Select Remove from Chromium. To confirm removal, select Remove.

​​ Useful extensions

​​ Modify remote browser user agent

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome enables controlling the User Agent sent from the remote browser to an isolated website.

​​ Control remote browser request headers

ModHeader enables controlling arbitrary request headers sent from the remote browser to an isolated website.