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Access Changelog

​​ 2024-06-06

​​ Scalability improvements to the App Launcher

Applications now load more quickly for customers with a large number of applications or complex policies.

​​ 2024-04-28

​​ Add option to bypass CORS to origin server

Access admins can defer all CORS enforcement to their origin server for specific Access applications.

​​ 2024-04-15

​​ Zero Trust User identity audit logs

All user identity changes via SCIM or Authentication events are logged against a user’s registry identity.

​​ 2024-02-22

​​ Access for SaaS OIDC Support

Access for SaaS applications can be setup with OIDC as an authentication method. OIDC and SAML 2.0 are now both fully supported.

​​ WARP as an identity source for Access

Allow users to log in to Access applications with their WARP session identity. Users need to reauthenticate based on default session durations. WARP authentication identity must be turned on in your device enrollment permissions and can be enabled on a per application basis.

​​ 2023-12-20

​​ Unique Entity IDs in Access for SaaS

All new Access for SaaS applications have unique Entity IDs. This allows for multiple integrations with the same SaaS provider if required. The unique Entity ID has the application audience tag appended. Existing apps are unchanged.

​​ 2023-12-15

​​ Default relay state support in Access for SaaS

Allows Access admins to set a default relay state on Access for SaaS apps.

​​ 2023-09-15

​​ App launcher supports tags and filters

Access admins can now tag applications and allow users to filter by those tags in the App Launcher.

​​ App launcher customization

Allow Access admins to configure the App Launcher page within Zero Trust.

​​ View active Access user identities in the dashboard and API

Access admins can now view the full contents of a user’s identity and device information for all active application sessions.

​​ 2023-09-08

​​ Custom OIDC claims for named IdPs

Access admins can now add custom claims to the existing named IdP providers. Previously this was locked to the generic OIDC provider.

​​ 2023-08-02

​​ Azure AD authentication contexts

Support Azure AD authentication contexts directly in Access policies.

​​ 2023-06-23

​​ Custom block pages for Access applications

Allow Access admins to customize the block pages presented by Access to end users.