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Cloudflare Zero Trust can integrate with Uptycs to require that users connect to certain applications from managed devices. This service-to-service posture check uses the WARP client to read endpoint data from Uptycs. Devices are identified by their serial numbers.

​​ Prerequisites

  • Uptycs agent is deployed on the device.
  • Cloudflare WARP client is deployed on the device. For a list of supported modes and operating systems, refer to Service providers.

​​ 1. Obtain Uptycs Settings

The following Uptycs values are needed to set up the Uptycs posture check:

  • Client key
  • Client Secret
  • Customer ID

To obtain these values:

  1. Open your Uptycs console.
  2. Go to Account Settings > API Key.
  3. Generate and download your .json file. This file will contain your Client key, Client Secret and Customer ID.

​​ 2. Add Uptycs as a service provider

  1. Go to Settings > WARP Client.
  2. Scroll down to Device posture providers and select Add new.
  3. Select Uptycs.
  4. Give your provider a name. This name will be used throughout the dashboard to reference this connection.
  5. Enter the Client ID, Client secret and Customer ID as you noted down above.
  6. Select a Polling frequency for how often Cloudflare Zero Trust should query Uptycs for information.
  7. Select Save.
You will see the new provider listed under Settings > WARP Client > Device posture providers. To ensure the values have been entered correctly, select Test.

​​ 3. Configure the posture check

  1. In Zero Trust, go to Settings > WARP Client > Service provider checks.
  2. Select Add new.
  3. Select the Uptycs provider.
  4. Configure a device posture check and enter any name.
  5. Select Save.

Next, go to Logs > Posture and verify that the service provider posture check is returning the expected results.

​​ Device posture attributes

ScoreZero Trust score assigned to the device by Uptycs