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Connect to Hubspot through Access

This guide covers how to set up Cloudflare as the SSO provider for Hubspot.

​​ Prerequisites

  • Hubspot Enterprise license

​​ 1. Configure Hubspot

  1. Go to Settings > Account, then go to Defaults > Security.
  2. Select Single Sign-on.
  3. Copy the values for Audience URI and Sign on URL.

​​ 2. Configure Cloudflare Access

  1. In Zero Trust, go to Access > Applications and create a SaaS application.

  2. Set the Application type to Hubspot.

  3. Use the following Hubspot field mappings:

    Hubspot valuesCloudflare values
    Audience URIEntityID
    Sign On URLAssertion Consumer Service URL
  4. Set NameID to Email.

  5. Add any desired Access policies to your application.

  6. Copy SSO endpoint and Access Entity ID.

​​ 3. Create the certificate

  1. Wrap the certificate in -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----.
  2. Paste the certificate contents into the Certificate field.

​​ 4. Finalize Hubspot configuration

  1. Use the following field mappings:

    Cloudflare valueHubspot value
    SSO endpointIdentity Provider Single Sign-on URL
    Entity IDIdentity Provider Identifier
    Public keyCertificate
  2. Select Verify to validate the integration.

Your configuration is now complete. Hubspot SSO can be switched on for specific users or the entire account.