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Device profiles

A device profile defines WARP client settings for a specific set of devices in your organization. You can create multiple profiles and apply different settings based on the user’s identity, the device’s location, and other criteria.

​​ Create a new profile

  1. In Zero Trust, go to Settings > WARP Client.
  2. In the Profile settings card, select Create profile. This will make a copy of the Default profile.
  3. Enter any name for the profile.
  4. Create rules to define the devices that will use this profile. Learn more about the available Selectors, Operators, and Values.
  5. Configure WARP settings for these devices.
  1. Select Create profile.

Your profile will appear in the Profile settings list. You can rearrange the profiles in the list according to your desired order of precedence.

​​ Edit profile settings

  1. In Zero Trust, go to Settings > WARP Client.

  2. In the Profile settings card, find the profile you want to update and select Configure.

  3. Modify WARP settings for this profile.

  4. Select Save profile.

The new settings will immediately propagate to devices that match this profile.

​​ Verify settings

To check WARP client settings on a specific device, open a terminal on the device and run:

$ warp-cli settings

​​ Selectors

SelectorDescriptionWARP mode required
User emailEmail address of a user
[email protected]
Gateway with WARP
User group emailsEmail address of an IdP group
[email protected]
Gateway with WARP
User group IDsID of an IdP group
Gateway with WARP
User group namesName of an IdP group
Gateway with WARP
Operating systemmacOSAny mode
Operating system versionOS version specified in Semver format
Any mode
Managed networkNetwork location of the deviceAny mode
SAML AttributesAttribute name and value from a SAML IdPGateway with WARP

​​ Order of precedence

Profiles are evaluated from top to bottom as shown in the UI and follows the first match principle — once a device matches a profile, evaluation stops and no subsequent profiles can override the decision.

The Default profile is always at the bottom of the list, meaning that it will only apply if the device does not match any of the previous profiles. If you make another custom profile the default, all settings will be copied over into the Default profile.