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WARP Client
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Cloudflare WARP client documentation

The Cloudflare WARP client allows individuals or organizations to have a faster, more secure and private experience online. Cloudflare WARP for Teams allows organizations to keep their employees and data safe no matter where their device is.

Cloudflare WARP supports the following services depending on how you configure it: is the fastest and most private DNS directory you can configure for all your devices. It also allows you to add security to your internet connection, because it gives you the option to send your DNS requests over DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS. This will ensure nobody will be able to eavesdrop on you.

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The WARP application uses BoringTun to encrypt all of the traffic from your device and send it directly to Cloudflare’s edge, ensuring that no one in between is snooping on what you're doing. If the site you are visiting is already a Cloudflare customer, the content is immediately sent down to your device. If they aren't on our network, we use our global network of data centers to devise the shortest path to whomever you are talking to.

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While WARP is able to take advantage of the many Cloudflare data centers around the world to give you a more private and robust connection, WARP+ improves on that with intelligent routing. Leveraging the same technology that powers Argo Smart Routing, WARP+ will route your traffic around congested internet route and improve overall end to end performance.

WARP Unlimited

WARP Unlimited is our monthly subscription offering for WARP+. For the time being, WARP Unlimited can only be purchased via your iOS and Android device.