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Set up Cloudflare Access

Step-by-step instructions are available for setting up Cloudflare Access.

Access ApplicationsInstructions to keep your server secure and force traffic through Cloudflare Access.
Creating policiesInstructions to build Access policies.
Audit LogsGuide to audit logs captured by Access and per-request logging.
Argo TunnelInstructions to connect servers to Cloudflare with Cloudflare Argo Tunnel.
Access app LaunchInstructions to enable the Access App Launch for your organization.
Access Rule API ExamplesExamples for creating rules through the API
Access GroupsGuide to building Access Groups, a collection of users from integrated identity providers.
CORSGuide to handling CORS requests for applications secured by Cloudflare Access.
JSON Web TokensGuide to the JSON Web Token (JWT) created by Cloudflare Access.
Revoking User SessionsGuide to revoking user sessions.
Scoped API TokensInstructions to use Cloudflare's scoped API tokens to build Access policies.
Validating JSON Web TokensGuide to validating JWTs produced by Cloudflare Access on your origin.
Windows ServersAdditional information on connecting Windows Servers to Cloudflare with Cloudflare Argo Tunnel.