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Set up Access

Follow these steps to set up Cloudflare Access.

  1. Navigate to the Cloudflare for Teams dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Access > Applications.

  3. Click on Begin setup.

  4. Choose an authentication domain. The authentication domain will represent your Cloudflare for Teams account across Access and Gateway. The URL will also serve as the launch page for end users.

Onboarding Auth Domain

  1. Next, create your first application. You can also skip this step and return to it later.

Provide a name and input the subdomain where your application will be served. The subdomain must be part of a zone in your Cloudflare account.

Onboarding App

  1. Now, create the first policy for the app you are securing with Access.

Provide a name and then specify an Include rule for the policy.

The Include rule will determine which users will be allowed to access the application. You can either select:

  • Emails - this option restricts access to users whose email addresses match the ones you define.
  • Emails ending in - this option restricts access to users whose email addresses end with the email endings you define.

You can return to edit the policy with more complex rules like identity provider groups or hard key requirements.

  1. Click Next.

  2. You have now successfully configured Cloudflare Access.

    → To view your application on the Teams dashboard, click View your application. → To explore the dashboard, click Proceed to Teams dashboard.

Onboarding App Secured