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Cloudflare for Teams
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Roles and permissions

When creating a Cloudflare for Teams account, you will be given the Super Administrator role. With this role, you can invite members to join your Teams account, and assign them different roles depending on the permissions you’d like to give them.

A member can be given one of six roles within a Teams account:

Super Administrator - All Privileges
  • Can edit any Cloudflare for Teams setting.
  • Can make purchases, update billing, and manage memberships.
  • Can revoke the access of other Super Administrators.
  • Can access the full Cloudflare for Teams account except for membership management and billing.
Cloudflare for Teams
  • Can edit Cloudflare for Teams.
Cloudflare for Teams PII
  • Can access Cloudflare for Teams PII data.
Cloudflare for Teams Read Only
  • Can access Cloudflare for Teams in read only mode.
Cloudflare for Teams Reporting
  • Can access Cloudflare for Teams reporting data.

To check the list of members in your account, or to add new members:

  1. Navigate to the Cloudflare Dashboard.
  2. From your Account Home, navigate to Members.
  3. Enter a member’s email address to add them to your account, and click Invite.
  4. Alternatively, scroll down to the Members card to find a list of members with their status and role.

For more information on managing roles within your Cloudflare account, visit the help center.