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Configure a Google Workspace account for Access for SaaS

This tutorial covers how to use Cloudflare as a single sign on provider by setting up Access for SaaS.

⏲️ Time to complete: 15 minutes

Create an SSO provider in Google Workspace

  1. In your Google Workspace account, create an SSO third-party identity provider.

    SSO profile on Google Workspace

  2. Select Setup SSO with a third party identity provider.

Create an application on the Zero Trust Dashboard

  1. On the Zero Trust Dashboard, navigate to Access > Applications and create a SaaS application.

  2. Follow this guide to collect the Entity ID and Assertion Consumer Service URL to add to your application:

    • Entity ID:
    • Assertion Consumer Service URL:
    • Name ID: Email

    Add fields to the Zero Trust application

  3. Click Next to create an Access policy and use the following mapping to set up your Workspace sign-in:

    Google Workspace valueCloudflare value
    Sign-in page URLSSO Endpoint
    Sign-out page URLSSO Endpoint
    Verification CertificatePublic Key
  4. Next, you can select Use a domain specific issuer. If you select this option, Google will send an issuer specific to your domain (where is replaced with your actual primary Google Workspace domain name).

Create and upload a certificate file

  1. Paste the Public Key in VIM or another code editor.
  2. Wrap the certificate in -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----.
  3. Set the file extension as .crt and save.

Once the certificate file has been created, upload it to your Google Workspace account.

Test the integration

You can now test the integration by going to<yourdomain>.


Error: “G Suite - This account cannot be accessed because the login credentials could not be verified.”

If you see this error, it is likely that the Public Key and Private Key do not match. Confirm your certificate file matches your Public Key.