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Customize the block page users see

Cloudflare Gateway can present users with a block page when a DNS or HTTP filtering policy applies a block action. Your team can customize the block page with branding from your organization, additional messaging, and messaging specific to particular rules.

To present this block page, in either DNS or HTTP filtering mode, users must have the Cloudflare certifiate installed on their devices.

🗺️ This walkthrough covers how to:

  • Create a custom block page for your users
  • Customize the text presented for specific rules

⏲️ Time to complete:

10 minutes

Before you start

  1. Add Gateway to your account
  2. Add the Cloudflare certificate to devices in your organization

Customize the block page

Navigate to the Settings page of the Cloudflare for Teams dashboard. Select General.

General Settings

Click Customize on the Block page row.

You can use the next page to modify the name of your organization and the text presented. You can also add a URL for your team's logo and modify the background color. Click Save once you have finished your edits.

General Settings

Customize text for a specific rule

Cloudflare Gateway can also show a policy-specific message in the block page. When you create a policy and select the Block action, Gateway gives you the option to enter a particular block message to show users when they navigate to websites blocked by that policy. The block page will then display the policy-specific message just above that policy's Rule ID.

Edit one of your existing policies or create a new one. If the policy is a Block, you will see the option to customize the block page presented.

Input the additional text to be presented to the user.

General Settings

Now, when the user is blocked by that particular rule they will see your custom block page and the specific text configured.

General Settings