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Require specific countries

You can use Cloudflare Access to require team members to connect to self-hosted or SaaS applications from a list of approved countries.

Before you build the rule, you’ll need to follow these instructions to set up Cloudflare Access in your account.

This walkthrough covers how to:

  • Create a list of approved countries where a team operates
  • Require that users connecting to self-hosted or SaaS applications connect from those countries

Time to complete:

5 minutes

​​ Create an approved country list

Navigate to the Groups page in the My Teams section of the Zero Trust dashboard. Click Add a Group.

Groups contain criteria that you can reuse in Access policies. Additionally, groups can allow you to nest certain operators inside of rules in the Access policy.

For example, Include rules work like OR operators - anything in the list will meet the criteria. However, if you include values in the Require field, these work like AND operators. Since you cannot connect from multiple countries at the same time, you must use a group to define a list of options that can be used inside of a Require rule in the policy.

Click Add a Group. In the next page, select Country from the Include dropdown and add two or more countries, then click Save.

​​ Build or edit a policy

You can now build Access policies that will require at least one country in the approved countries list. You can build these policies for SaaS or self-hosted applications. This example will add the requirement to an existing application, but you can also add it when creating a new application.

  1. Navigate to the Applications page in the Access section of the Zero Trust dashboard.
  2. Choose an application and click Edit.
  3. Select the existing rule and click Edit.
  4. Click + Add require.
  5. In the dropdown, select Access groups. The existing groups will display and choose the name of the group with the approved countries list.

Configuration for adding access to a previously generated list of approved countries.

Cloudflare Access will follow the nesting of the group created. In this case, the Require rule will require that all of the conditions be met - like an AND operator. Since the group has multiple country options,because it was constructed with an Include rule like an OR operator, meeting at least one of them will be true and allow the user to proceed.