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Require corporate devices

You can use Cloudflare Access to require team members to connect to self-hosted or SaaS applications from a device that your team owns or manages.

🗺️ This walkthrough covers how to:

  • Create or upload a list of devices in your inventory
  • Deploy the Cloudflare WARP client to collect device information
  • Build a Zero Trust policy that requires users to connect from devices in your inventory

⏲️Time to complete:

30 minutes

Create or upload a list of devices

  1. Navigate to the Teams Dashboard.

  2. Go to My Team > Lists.

  3. Click Create manual list. You can also upload a CSV list.

  4. Give your list a name and choose Serial numbers from the List type field.

    Create List

  5. Input the serial numbers of the devices your team manages. For larger teams, we recommend uploading a CSV or using Cloudflare's API endpoint. Click Save.

Add Serial Number

Once saved, the serial number list will appear in your list view.

Deploy Cloudflare WARP

Cloudflare Access relies on the Cloudflare for Teams client, WARP, to gather the serial number of a device attempting to reach a policy.

In order to allow users to authenticate, you must deploy the WARP agent in proxy mode and users must enroll into your Cloudflare for Teams account.

Build a Zero Trust policy

You can now add this corporate device requirement to existing or new applications.

  1. Navigate to the Teams Dashboard to begin.

  2. To add to an existing application, choose the specific resource from the Applications page in the Access section of the sidebar. Click Edit.

  3. Select the Rules tab and edit the existing rule in place.

  4. Add a Require rule and choose Device Posture - Serial Number List from the drop down menu. Choose the list of devices to require and click Save rule.

    Add Require

Once saved, any device attempting to reach the application in this example will both need to be in the domain and connecting from a device that uses Cloudflare WARP and presents a serial number in the list created.

You can build this rule as a reuseable policy to save time adding it to other applications.