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Technical limitations

This lists covers limitations for rules, applications, fields, and other features.

All values are per organization.

Application name length (characters)350
Group name length (characters)350
mTLS root certificates count50
mTLS certificates name length (characters)350
Service Token name length350
IdP name length (characters)350
Application URL length (characters)<= 63
Team Domain max length (characters)<= 63

Cloudflare Tunnel limitations

All values are per account.

Tunnels per account*1000
IP routes per account*1000
Active cloudflared replicas per tunnel*25

Features marked by a * are soft limits which may be increased on Enterprise accounts. To request a limit increase, contact your account team.

Account defaults

Applications count500
Audit Logpush jobs5
DNS Logpush jobs5
Email addresses per rule1000
Group count300
Group size1000
HTTP Logpush jobs5
IP addresses per rule1000
Lists: total number of lists100
Number of HTTP policies per account500
Number of DNS policies per account500
Number of network policies per account500
Service Tokens count500
IdP count50
Rules count per application1000
Rules count per group1000