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What’s new?

Welcome to the brand new Cloudflare for Teams documentation.

Starting on February 8, 2021, this space will replace the separate, independent documentation for:

  • Cloudflare Access
  • Cloudflare Gateway
  • Cloudflare Tunnel
  • WARP client for Teams

​​ The new structure

The new Cloudflare for Teams documentation is structured around six main topics:

🏗️ Documentation on setting up TeamsThis section covers how to set up the Teams dashboard.
👤 Documentation on IdentityThis section covers the Teams features you can use to manage, grant or deny access to users (and systems) based on user identity and device health.
🌐 Documentation on connecting to TeamsThis section covers how to connect applications, networks or devices to Teams, with the WARP client or with agentless solutions.
🔐 Documentation on ApplicationsThis section covers the different types of applications that can be connected to Teams, and how to add and manage these applications.
🛡️ Documentation on PoliciesThis section covers the different types of rules admins can configure to control network activity, and how to build these rules on the dashboard.
🤖 API-related documentationThis section covers how to manage Access with the API and Terraform.
📈 Documentation on AnalyticsThis section explains our analytics pages on the Teams dash, as well as our logs pages.