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Predefined DLP Profiles

Cloudflare Zero Trust provides predefined DLP Profiles for common types of sensitive data. A DLP Profile is a collection of regular expressions (also known as detection entries) that Gateway will match on when scanning your HTTP traffic. Some detection entries include built-in validation checks to increase detection granularity.

​​ Credit cards

Credit card numbers begin with a six or eight-digit Issuer Identification Number (IIN) and are followed by up to 23 additional digits. Numbers must adhere to Luhn’s algorithm as a method of validation.

Detection entryRegex
American Express Card Number\b3[47]\d{2}([-\. ])?\d{6}([-\. ])?\d{5}\b
American Express Text(?i:\bamex\b|\bamerican express\b)
Diners Club Card Number\b3(?:0[0-5]|[68][0-9])[0-9]{11}\\b
Generic CVV Card Number\bcvv(?::|no:?|#|)? ?\d{3,4}\b
Mastercard Card Number\b(5[1-5][0-9]{2}([-\. ])?[0-9]{4}([-\. ])?[0-9]{4}([-\. ])?[0-9]{4})|(2(22[1-9]([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}|2[3-9]\d{1}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}|[3-6]\d{2}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}|7[0-1]\d{1}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}|720([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}))\b
Mastercard Text(?i:\bmastercard\b)
Union Pay Card Number\b(62[0-9]{14,17})\b
Union Pay Text(?i:\bunion pay\b)
Visa Card Number\b4\d{3}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}([-\. ])?\d{4}\b
Visa Text(?i:\bvisa\b)

​​ U.S. Social Security numbers

Social Security numbers must resemble the format xxx-xx-xxxx. Separators are required, so 000-00-0000 will match but 000000000 will not. SSNs do not adhere to any algorithmic validation.

Detection entryRegex
SSN Numeric Detection\b\d{3}[-\. ]\d{2}[-\. ]\d{4}\b
SSN Text(?i:\bs\.?s\.?(?:n|#)|\bsocial security\b)