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Enforce WARP session duration

Cloudflare Zero Trust allows you to enforce session durations on Gateway Network and HTTP policies. Once a session expires, a user will be prompted to re-authenticate with the identity provider they used to enroll in the WARP client. If you do not enforce a session duration, WARP sessions will be unlimited by default.

​​ Prerequisites

Ensure that traffic can reach your IdP and <your-team-name> through WARP.

​​ Configure session duration

You can configure a WARP session for any Allow policy. To configure a session:

  1. In Zero Trust, navigate to either Gateway > Firewall Policies > Network or Gateway > Firewall Policies > HTTP.
  2. Create a policy and select the Allow action. Alternatively, choose any existing Allow policy.
  3. Under Step 4 - Configure policy settings, select Edit next to Enforce WARP client session duration.
  4. Enter a session expiration time in 1h30m0s format and save.
  5. Save the policy.

Session checks are now enabled for the application protected by this policy.

​​ Limitations

  • Only one user per device — If a device is already registered with User A, User B will not be able to log in on that device through the re-authentication flow. You can revoke a device registration by going to My Team > Devices.